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Women, like water, slowly carve their own path.
This is Fluidity.

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Welcome to the podcast that amplifies women's perspectives in theatre and the arts in Pittsburgh and Western PA and the world.


We will highlight women who have made a place for themselves in the arts

(created fluidity).


We will endeavor to include all forms of diversity within the theatre and arts community in Western PA while hoping to expand its scope.

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Creating Fluidity Podcast Episode 1

April speaks with Valerie DeCesar, Melissa Lingsch and Megan May Mitchell - Click the photo to listen.


Creating Fluidity Podcast Episode 3

April speaks with Ellie Pfeuffer and Samantha Carpin. Click the photo to listen.


Creating Fluidity Podcast Episode 4

April speaks with Sydney Turnwald in episode 4. Click the photo to listen.

Mrs Shakespeare.jpg

Creating Fluidity Podcast Episode 5

April speaks with Yvone Hudson, Mrs. Shakespeare. Click the photo to listen.


Creating Fluidity Podcast Episode 2

April speaks with Kalee George.

Click the photo to listen.


Podcast Episode 2 Video content 

Video clip referenced in episode 2.

R & J opening scene fight. 

Click the photo to watch.

R&J Romeo v Tybalt.jpg

Podcast Episode 2

Video Content

Video clip referenced in episode 2.

R & J fight scenes Mercutio v. Tyblat & Romeo v. Tybalt

Click the photo to watch.



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